This place has been created by and for players of the game “Clash of Queens”.

It does not have official character but we will try to show the most serious information that can be. If you are looking for the official website of the game, you have to go here: facebook.com/Clash.Of.Queens.Game

This place is made up of two parts:

1- The blog (which is this page)

2- Forums (http://ofqueens.com/forums)

1- The BLOG

In the blog we will publish information little by little that we consider interesting about the game, both for beginners and for more advanced players.


The forums are of general use and everyone can participate in them. If you are looking for help, or a way to communicate with other players quickly, simply and easily, this is your favorite place.

You are welcome to this community that we will try to be reference in the game.

Finally ask your patience because the community is newly created and there may still be bugs on some site of the website.

To register you are only asked to not use your real game mail account and not the same password you are using in the game.

Any comments or suggestions are welcome: http://ofqueens.com/contact/

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